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Friday, January 24, 2014

Addison Moore! Stopping by the Blog!! :D

Hello all! Addison Moore here ready to hang out with you!


First, thank you so much to M&D for having me at the M&D’s Have You Read Your Book Blog!!! I’m soooo excited to be here! Happy Saturday! I hope you all have a good book to snuggle up to this weekend.


So here’s what’s happening with me: Tuesday is the release of my new book Someone Like You! That’s the second book in the Someone to Love series. This books features Kendall’s best friend Ally and her big bro, the hawt, perfectly yummy Morgan Jordan. Oh, how I cannot wait for you to chew on the mancandy that is Morgan. *sigh*


Here’s a little teaser!


Morgan’s POV:

“You’re going to watch, Ally. And if you don’t, I’m going to enter the no-fly zone, and I’m betting you’ll like it.”

“Right.” She squints into me as if calling out my bluff. “You need safe words for places like that, and we don’t even have a safe word,” she says, looking cute as hell, and it takes everything in me not to laugh.

“The safe word is faster.”

“Faster?” Her eyes widen. “That doesn’t sound like a safe word.”

“No it doesn’t, so I suggest you do as you’re told.”



And here’s one from Ally’s POV:


Morgan ticks his head back with that cockier-than-hell smile spreading slow across his face. “Why don’t we get those boxes out of your car and we can ride to your new place together?” he offers, tipping his head back with those hooded eyes set to seduce as if he’s trolling for more of that bargain-basement affection.

“That’s perfect.” Kendall is quick to motivate Cruise to evacuate the boxes from my Honda as if it were about to combust. “That way you can get to know one another right away.”

I ride a quick glance up and down Morgan’s body and the memory of him writhing over me reduces me to cinders.

I wonder what Kendall would think if I told her that we got to “know” each other rather proficiently last night.

I give a depleted smile as Kendall and Cruise take off.

“Looks like it’s just me and you.” His dimples implode and so does my stomach.

“Nice to see your deductive reasoning skills are intact. You’re a sharp one.”

He huffs a quiet laugh. “And you’ve got a sharp tongue.” He steps into me with his lip curling on the side. “But I already knew that.”

My body lights up like a flare. Morgan Jordan already knows far too much about my body. I wish I had never had slept with him.

The only one deficient in reasoning skills around here is me.


Thanks for reading all! And BIG thank you to M&D for hosting me!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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